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There are several leisure and activities that the hotel Riviera has at their guest disposal throughout the year.

On chilly autumn days, you can have a drink or enjoy an afternoon of Football at the panoramic TV screen in the Bar,

On winter days enjoy the SPA, or a swim in the heated indoor pool. The spa and the indoor heated pool are temporarily closed for maintenance.

On spring mornings, indulge yourself on a shopping frenzy and restock your wardrobe all you need is to reach the lobby level on the ground floor,

In the summer, just lay down on the grass under the tree shades or go for a swim in the pool area.

Facilities list

  • > 130 Rooms with sea/pool/garden view
  • > 15 Suites
  • > 7 Meeting rooms
  • > 1 Restaurant
  • > 1 Tennis court
  • > 1 Pool bar in the summer
  • > 1 Hotel bar opens all year round
  • > 2 Outside pool
  • > 1 Spa (outside service facility)

  • > 1 Heated indoor pool
  • > 1 Business center
  • > 1 Shopping mall
  • > 2 Private underground parks
  • > Room service up to 11:00 pm
  • > Laundry, dry cleaning and ironing service
  • > 1 Free car parking on the hotel exterior
  • > Pets are not allowed, except those under Pt Law nº 74/2007

Swimming pool

Swimming pool
Surrounded by a grassy garden, an open space with Olive trees, one can find two outside pools (An adult and a children pool).

The adult swimming pool has an hexagonal shape takes about 250 000 litres of water, has a maximum depth ranging from 1.00 meters to 1.75 meters on the deeper end.

The small swimming pool, takes about 10 000 litres and has only 50 cm depth all around.

Both pools undergo a daily treatment to maintain the quality of the water no matter the number of guest affluence.

“Farol” Bar

Farol Bar
“Farol” Bar, it’s a cozy open space with very comfortable sofas which are an invitation to sit down and chill out, it holds as much as 50 persons, opens daily from 10:00 am until midnight on winter season and from 09:00 am hours to 01:00 am during summer time.

It has a direct entrance but can also be accessible from the reception and lobby area,
The bar holds some cultural activities such as painting and sculpture exhibitions, seasonal promotion drinks such as Gin or Vodka cocktails.

Since the bar has several cable channels, and a large Lcd, it’s perfect to watch important football matches, usually advertised through the hotel social network at as well as big events


Riviera Spa
The Spa is an outside service facility within the hotel premises, it has direct access from the hotel elevator on the -1 level, most of its services have a fee for outside clients but a special fee for the hotel guest, its equipped with Sauna, massage rooms gym and a acclimatized hot water pool that has a maximum depth of 1.30 meters,

The Spa is available on week days from 08:00 a.m until 07:30 p.m, Saturday from 10:00 a.m to 04:30 p.m, and it’s closed on Sundays and bank holidays. It is necessary to use a shower cap in the indoor heated pool.The spa and the indoor heated pool are temporarily closed for maintenance.

Riviera Center

Riviera Center
The hotel Riviera has a shopping mall with a private parking and holds 63 shops, these shops are at the adjacent area to the hotel within easy reach from the lobby on the ground floor or also accessible from the street with several independent entrances.

The shopping mall has a very diversifies offer such a a pharmacy, open from 00:00 until 24.00, tobacco and newspaper shop with news from around the globe, a multi function show area, large enough to host a car presentation up to with 4 vehicles, a gourmet shop where one can get a collectible wine, a real state house, a large supermarket open from e 08:30 am until 10:00 pm