General Rules for Hobbies

Hobbies General Rules

General rules for the pastimes at Riviera Hotel Carcavelos on Facebook and Instagram. The purpose of this regulation is to establish the general rules for participation in competitions, organized through Facebook and Instagram, by Riviera Hotel Carcavelos. The reading and acceptance of the terms contained in this general regulation does not exempt the reading of the specific regulation of each competition.

1. Pastimes Riviera Hotel Carcavelos

1.1- “Passatempo Riviera Hotel Carcavelos” means any promotional event promoted by Riviera Hotel Carcavelos in the profile of its Facebook or Instagram page, with the aim of rewarding participants who fully comply with its rules and conditions of participation.

1.2- Participation in any competition presupposes knowledge and full and unreserved acceptance of the conditions of this regulation and its eventual additions and modifications, as well as any other complementary rules contained in the specific regulation of each competition.

2. Conditions of Participation

2.1- Any fan of the Riviera Hotel Carcavelos page, as long as they are over 18 years old and reside in mainland Portugal or on the islands, can participate in the pastimes. The participation of minors under the age of 18 will be subject to the authorization of the respective guardian, guardian or legal representative.

2.2- The Riviera Hotel Carcavelos reserves the right to analyze the identification elements of all participants in its competitions, by registering them on Facebook or Instagram.

2.3- Whenever requested by the Riviera Hotel Carcavelos and within the period that it may set for this purpose, participants must prove that they meet the necessary conditions to participate in the competition(s), under penalty of disqualification and cancellation of any prizes that have been awarded to you. If participants do not provide sufficient proof of meeting the necessary conditions for participation and the respective prizes have already been delivered to them, Riviera Hotel Carcavelos reserves the right to demand their return.

2.4- Any employees of the Riviera Hotel Carcavelos cannot participate in the pastimes.

3. Participation

3.1- Unless otherwise stated in any specific regulation, participation in the competitions is limited to one entry per person.

3.2- If the same participant submits more than one entry, only the first entry posted on the “wall” of the contest page will be considered.

4. Prohibited means of participation

4.1- All participants who submit their respective entries after the deadline established for that purpose, who do not meet the necessary conditions for participation provided for in this general regulation and/or in the specific regulation of each competition, as well as those who violate any provision of those regulations.

4.2- All participants who resort to creating fictitious profiles, namely using fictitious email addresses or false, inaccurate or incomplete registration data, as well as those participants who resort to inappropriate strategies and mechanisms to win, namely but without limitation, participants who resort to data manipulation or suppression mechanisms, through computer programs and who are susceptible to altering any results, in order to favor them in relation to the other participants.

4.3- Participants will also be automatically disqualified if:

a) publish any type of spam message (unwanted advertising) or cause any type of flood (repetition of identical messages) on the wall of the competition page(s);

b) resort to any technical method or request for help that is not in line with the Fair-Play spirit that guides the Riviera Hotel Carcavelos Pastimes, namely, but not limited to, mechanisms for exchanging votes (vote Exchange) or any other programs or scripts likely to favor them to the detriment of other participants (hacking / cheating);

c) publish any comments on the wall of the pastime(s) page of a religious, political or ethnic nature and/or that use obscene, insulting or offensive language.

4.4- In the cases foreseen in the previous number, Riviera Hotel Carcavelos will delete, from the wall of the contest page, all participations of disqualified participants, reserving the right to exclude the participants in question from the Riviera Hotel Carcavelos page on Facebook or Instagram .

5. Prizes

5.1- The right to any competition prize is personal and non-transferable, not redeemable in cash. The winner of any pastime will not be refunded if, for reasons beyond the control of Riviera Hotel Carcavelos, he is unable to enjoy the prize that he eventually receives.

5.2- Participants authorize Riviera Hotel Carcavelos to publish their names and the result of the competitions on the profile of the Riviera Hotel Carcavelos page on Facebook or Instagram.

6. Liability

6.1- The Riviera Hotel Carcavelos is not obliged to carry out any competition, and may at any time, freely cancel any competition in progress, without this resulting in any obligation to indemnify or compensate, in any way whatsoever, any participant.

6.2 All content made available by participants within the scope of the competitions will be their exclusive responsibility, so that under no circumstances can Riviera Hotel Carcavelos be held responsible for those contents, as well as for any damages that they cause, namely, to the image, reputation and /or the good name of third parties.

6.3- The Riviera Hotel Carcavelos is not responsible for the use, within the scope of the competitions, of any content that may be protected, namely by copyright, the use of this content being the sole responsibility of the participants.

6.4- Riviera Hotel Carcavelos will also not be responsible for the impossibility of participating in any pastime due to failures, network errors or malfunction of the Facebook or Instagram website, nor is it responsible for any lost, delayed or undelivered records that these anomalies eventually give rise.

7. Personal data

7.1- By participating in the contest(s), participants consent to the processing and computer processing of their personal data by Riviera Hotel Carcavelos. The omission or inaccuracy of the data provided by its holder is its sole and entire responsibility, making its participation in the competition(s) automatically invalid and the consequent possibility of awarding a prize, without any compensation being due to it.

7.2- The collection of data within the scope of the pastime(s) Riviera Hotel Carcavelos carried out through Facebook or Instagram is intended
exclusively for the management of participation in the competition(s), namely for the purposes of registering the winners of each competition and their respective rankings, as well as for the purpose of awarding and awarding prizes.

7.3- Riviera Hotel Carcavelos guarantees contest participants the right to access, rectify and cancel their personal data provided, upon submission of a request to the email address

8. Authorizations

8.1 - Participants hereby authorize Riviera Hotel Carcavelos to publish, for any advertising purposes and/or dissemination of initiatives or competitions, carried out by them and by any means it deems appropriate, the result of the competitions.

8.2 - Without prejudice to the provisions of other provisions of this regulation, when participating in the competitions, participants expressly authorize Riviera Hotel Carcavelos to freely use all the contents that they may make available within the scope of their participation, namely authorizing Riviera Hotel Carcavelos to reproduce and /or display any videos, images and/or phrases authored by the participants in any communications, advertising and/or promotional activities, intended to publicize initiatives organized by Riviera Hotel Carcavelos or by any of its associated companies, without this being able to be required from Riviera Hotel Carcavelos any remuneration, consideration or any compensation.

9. Amendments to the Regulation

9.1- The Riviera Hotel Carcavelos reserves the right to change, at any time and without the need for prior notice, the terms contained in this Regulation, as well as the terms of any specific regulations of the pastimes, organized by itself.

9.2 - Any changes made by Riviera Hotel Carcavelos to the regulations will take effect immediately after their publication on your profile page on Facebook and/or on the page of the respective competition(s) Lisbon, 20th of September 2018